Listed below are web links to common areas of interest about the narwhal, as well as various resources and people, companies, institutions and supporting organizations connected with the Expeditions and Investigation. Our ongoing goal is to serve as the largest and most complete online reference about the narwhal, so we will add more sites as they become available. We also invite guests and scientists to send us additional links for consideration. A photographic library has also been compiled, though these images are not available for commercial or personal use except by written permission. Though we believe that sharing often brings out the best in our joint efforts, we monitor the unapproved use of any materials copyrighted by Narwhal Tusk Research and strictly enforce such use.

General Information
Many sites contain numerous mistakes and references that make them difficult to reference or refer. Examples include descriptions of tusk morphology and references to the narwhal “horn.” We suggest linking to more scientific articles and references.
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Danish National Environmental Research Institute
Danish Polar Center library

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